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Why Businesses Should Be Using Storage

Keeping costs low as a start-up or small business is a priority for every owner. Storage is one of the best solutions to help you reduce your costs, whilst providing you with large space to establish a successful business.

Gilmorton Storage provide every business with an ideal and easily accessible solution when you lack space. Our storage space is always flexible and gives every client the perfect option.

Storing Products

Purchasing a warehouse or any other facility is not ideal for a business without much cash available. Finding a suitable place to store your company’s products and other resources you require is difficult, but self-storage facilities can give you a great option, where you will not run out of space no matter how much your business grows.

If you choose to place products in self-storage units, it offers a much more cost-effective option than warehouses, whilst still giving you the space you require. With easy access to every unit, products are always accessible, meaning they can be distributed or sold whenever you require. Storing products in an external facility is a popular choice for every business and self-storage offers the affordable solution you require.

High-Level Security

Whilst most businesses should feel secure no matter where they are located, storage facilities offer the high level of security that will always put your mind at ease. With a single point of access, high-level lighting and state-of-the-art CCTV, your items will always remain in great condition, with little chance of break-ins or damage occurring.

Security should be a big factor for most businesses and it is important if you have valuable items, they are kept in a safe location. Whether these items are required now or for the future, our storage facilities will guarantee security in the long term, meaning you can leave items with us as long as you require.

We also have a warden and guard dog on site to add to the fantastic security we offer to every client, no matter what storage space you require.

Continued Growth

Whether you are a start-up or small business, your long-term goal will always involve growth, meaning you need the facilities that will allow this growth. Storage is the best option if you are starting small and looking to grow. We boast a 10-acre site and storage units ranging massively in size. No matter what space you require, our contract options are always flexible.

If you choose to hire several smaller storage units or one large one, our prices are always fair. As you continue to grow, more storage units are available to hire, so you can spread your business and the items you require across several self-storage units. There is no limit on your business and our team can always advise you on the different storage units we have available for hire.

Saving Space

The biggest reason any business should use self-storage units is to save space! If you are trying to run your business, avoiding clutter and ensuring only essential items are within your workplace can help you keep the place tidy and professional. A lot of the items your business owns may not be required in the workplace and outsourcing them to storage is the best option.

This ensures your business saves space as all items can be tightly packed into our units. Self-storage units are also extremely convenient and can be used whenever you require them. Whilst your storage unit may start off as a place for excess items, it could come in handy for the future of your business to spread your items across two different locations, ensuring the most important items remain in your workplace.

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