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Hire Storage Space & Units In Leicester

Our storage space is of the highest quality and is always available for hire in the Leicester area.

Storage Units For Hire

We work closely with our clients and always give you the advice you need. As we have many storage units available for hire, we will talk you through the details of each unit and ensure you have enough space for all belongings.

Gilmorton Storage have a 10 acre site with workshop space, containerised storage and storage units available for our clients. Our storage space is always kept in great condition, ensuring whenever you require items stored, our units are available for you.

About Our Storage Space

Our storage space sizes vary from 600 square feet to 2500 square feet, with containerised storage units ranging from 20 square feet up to 40. This means no matter what your budget is or how much space you require, we can always cater for your needs.

Our storage space is located in a very ideal location on the outskirts of Leicester and just 10 minutes away from the A5, M1 and M6. This makes it accessible for all clients in the Leicestershire area and with a high level of security around our entire site, your expectations will always be met with our self storage facilities.

Storage space in Leicester provides great options for personal and business use, allowing you to store any number of items here and continue to expand, with more storage units available.

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Hire Storage Units

Whenever you choose to hire storage units, Gilmorton Storage can offer a flexible contract to our clients. We want to ensure that you find the perfect storage unit in terms of size, that also fits within your budget and offers a competitive price for storage space in Leicester.

As our team also provide maintenance and management of all self-storage, you are assured of security and that all belongings will be kept in a great condition. If you continue to have more excess items, there is always more storage space available to our clients and we can provide a fast response to give you any additional storage units you require at a fantastic price. All the storage units we have available are kept in a great condition for any items or vehicles to be stored.

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Hire Storage Space In Leicester

If you would like to hire storage space in Leicester and the surrounding areas in Leicestershire, do not hesitate to contact our team. We will offer a fast response and discuss all the storage units we have available. Call us today on 01455 209 209or 07815 013 883 or fill in our contact form to make an enquiry.

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