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Use Long Term Self Storage When Downsizing

The obvious and simple thing to do when downsizing to a smaller living space is to get rid of many valuable items. This is not the only option when moving home and long-term self storage is the perfect solution for you!

Gilmorton Storage have many storage units available for our clients, ensuring we can always find the right space for you to store any number of items.

Why Downsize?

Whether this is action you need to take or something you decide is best for your life, downsizing is actually a great option, especially if you have no kids or pets. Downsizing can massively reduce your current bills and raise a lot of money if you are selling a previous property.

Whilst you are downsizing, this may not always mean you are losing space. By choosing to use storage, you have an easy solution to keep the same amount of space, whilst still reducing the costs of living in a larger property, whether this is due to bills or a mortgage.

Keep Your Belongings

The big problem for many people who consider downsizing is the belongings that will have to be left behind, sold or chucked away. Parting ways with your previous belongings, whether they are valuable or not, is something no one wants to do, which is why the possibility of moving to a smaller home is often ruled out.

However, using self storage for either short or long term hire means that keeping your belongings is easy. There is always a range of storage unit sizes available at our facilities, meaning no matter how many belongings will not squeeze into your new home, there is always enough space in our storage units to keep belongings safe.

Moving House

Another benefit of using self storage before downsizing is that moving day is a much easier process. By planning well in advance, you can already organise what furniture, clothes and belongings are being moved into your new home and what is being left behind and moved into storage.

You can have as much time as you like to move your items into storage, meaning you can do it day-by-day or all at once, the choice is yours! Once these items are moved, your remaining items can be transported all together into your new home. This makes moving into a new home much quicker, allowing you to settle with the necessary items when downsizing.

Easy Access

You never know when previous items you have purchased may come in handy. If you have sold or binned these items, there’s a very good chance you will never seem them again and therefore they can not be used. Using self-storage for the long-term means no matter what part of your life you are in, you will always have access to items from the past.

Whether you change your mind over certain items, want to pass them onto a family member or decide they would be useful for the future, self-storage facilities always gives you easy access. Moving items out of self storage is also simple, meaning when the time comes to move these items, it can be done with ease, with all belongings still in great condition and suitable for use.

No matter when you require items in self storage, you will always have access, allowing you to keep excess items for as long as possible before you need them again.

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Long term self storage is the perfect option for any clients who choose to downsize, no matter where you are moving to. Gilmorton Storage will always discuss your needs, finding the perfect storage units to store any items securely. Contact us today to discuss the unit sizes and prices available in Leicestershire and call on 01455 209 209 or 07815 013 883 or fill in our contact form to make an enquiry.