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Best Ways To Maximise Your Storage Space

Saving costs and maximising the storage space you have available is essential when working within a budget. There are many ways you can reduce the amount of space you are using, whilst still fitting the items you need in storage.

Gilmorton Storage offer help and advice to all client throughout Leicestershire, ensuring any items can be stored within our self-storage units.

Selecting Your Storage Unit

The first step to fully utilising the space available to you is selecting the correct storage unit. Whilst you may think any old storage unit will do the job, you should always shop around for the most cost-effective options on site. Containerised storage and self-storage facilities are available, meaning there is a huge selection of choice when finding the right storage units.

You should always look to fit within your budget and make sure there is enough space for every single item. Making the choice between hiring two small storage units or a large one is something we can always help you with to ensure there is still enough space for our clients.

Dissemble Items

If you are in a rush to move items into storage, we can forgive you for perhaps shoving everything into your unit without a second thought. However, when you really want to make the most out of your storage space, this should not be your first choice.

Disassembling any items, particularly large furniture, should always be done to create more space within the storage unit. Not all items can be dissembled, but where this is possible you should always take the extra time to create the extra space.

Perfect Packing

Most people will pack away their items to a pretty good standard. You want to keep all belongings in a good condition whilst avoiding using up too much space, so effective packing is the obvious option to prevent space being minimised.

Keeping items tightly packed will reduce the chance of any damage and make it much easier to play them within your home. Square boxes can be tightly packed much easier than a bunch of random items and sharp shapes – boxes should always be considered when packing.

Stack At The Back

Your heavy items should always go straight to the back of your storage unit, with your most needed items being located at the front. This means whenever you visit the storage unit, you can easily access any items you need on a regular basis as they will be the first items you see.

With your heaviest items located at the back, they are less likely to be damaged than any fragile items, meaning you can begin to stack up on top. By stacking on top of the heaviest items, you create more room in the rest of the storage unit and prevent small or light items becoming a hassle whilst you are using the space.

Planning Your Layout

There are a number of storage units available and we can always give you the measurements of all our storage space. Your Saturday nights should always be spent planning the layout for your new storage unit when you are about to move in.

By having a plan of which items go where in your property, moving into your storage unit is much simpler. You should never be afraid to get creative and this could always help you create extra space in your storage unit, without hiring extra units.

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For more information on the storage units we have available or to discuss how to save space and money, contact us today. Gilmorton Storage are happy to answer all enquiries and give you any information you need. Call us today on 01455 209 209 or 07815 013 883 or fill in our contact form for a fast response.

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