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How To Minimise Costs Using Self-Storage Units

Finding ways to minimise your costs in day to day life is always an issue, however, self-storage could offer several benefits. This could be the perfect solution to help you achieve your goal of reducing costs, but how does self-storage help?

Gilmorton Storage have a wide range of self-storage units available. We can always find a unit that is within your price range but also offers the quality and space you need for all belongings.

Business Rates

One major factor if you decide to use self-storage for your business is there are no business rates. This means prices are unlikely to rise massively and tax will not have to be paid on the storage unit. Instead, the storage facilities pay their own tax on the space including electric and heating used within the storage units.

This is a massive advantage over starting or building your business in an office. Although it may seem more professional, if customers rarely enter your premises, self-storage could be the best option. It will reduce costs but also provide you with the space you need to effectively run your business.

Organise Effectively

A big part of fitting all your items into just one storage unit is packing and organising effectively. If you can manage to fit all your belongings together and store them correctly in one storage unit, you will reduce the costs of being unorganised and simply spreading items across two or three storage units.

Using the right materials, boxing and packaging will ensure you can fit all items into just one storage unit and with a range of sizes available, there is always room to keep your belongings accessible in one unit. Having belongings stored together also makes accessibility much easier for you as well as reducing costs on storage.

Rent Correct Sizes

Prices will vary on all self-storage sizes and finding the right size for your needs is essential. Many people will purchase bigger sizes than what is actually needed and this can waste a lot of your money. Whether you are storing your items all boxed up or you are moving furniture and beds, think about the sizes and space you will require.

Organising your property so that it will fit in the correct sized self-storage units will ensure you never overpay for your unit. If you do need expansion in the future, you can easily rent more space without hassle. By starting off with the smallest facilities first, you will minimise your costs as much as possible without the risk of having no room available.

Warehouse Alternative

Whereas some businesses decide on working entirely from self-storage facilities, others work in offices or from home, whilst storing products in warehouses. However, self-storage provides a much better option to every business. With flexible contracts, you have complete control over when you use storage units and what units you can use.

Although purchasing or hiring a warehouse will give you a lot of space to use, much of this space will be wasted. Instead, you will have lots of empty space and be massively overpaying for every inch you hire. Storage means you can easily store all your items in one unit and with easy accessibility, moving these belongings whenever you require. You can move to bigger units within the same facilities whenever you require, without having to deal with selling or buying new warehouses.

Additionally, storage units offer fantastic security with complete CCTV and just one access point. This ensures valuable items for business and personal needs will not be damaged or stolen.

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If you are looking to minimise personal or business costs, self-storage units could massively benefit you. If you would like more information regarding the self-storage units we have available, do not hesitate to contact Gilmorton Storage. We can offer advice on all our facilities in Leicester. Call us today on 01455 209 209 or 07815 013 883 or fill in our contact form to make an enquiry.