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5 Fun Self Storage Facility Uses

Self-storage facilities can be used for a wide range of purposes. Whether you require self-storage for your own personal reasons and your own hobbies or decide the storage is beneficial for business purposes, it is the perfect option for many reasons.

Gilmorton Storage have a wide range of facilities available. With so many sizes and easy access to a range of units and containers for our clients, we can find the best storage option for your needs.

Personal Gym

Going to a public gym is not the best option for everybody, especially if there is another opportunity. Public gyms can be very intimidating when you first start, or you may not enjoy sharing equipment with so many other people.

Whatever your reason is, creating your own personal gym offers several benefits that you should take advantage of. Although it can be expensive to set up your own equipment, starting off small and building up using self-storage gives you exactly the same opportunity and allows you to train in private.

Art Studio

Whether it is just a hobby, or you are or want to be a professional artist, self-storage is a great place to begin and continue your journey. Self-storage units have access at great times, so you can use the facilities when you require. Also offering security and low noise levels, you can concentrate on all sketches or paintings you aim to create and store them in the storage facility.

You can transform the entire unit to be specific to your needs, and art studios are just one of the many hobbies that you can do in storage. It also means if you have no space at home to store these items, you can easily leave them in our secure facilities.

Music & Band Practice

It can be difficult creating your own band and finding enough space for you to improve your skills and really gel. Self-storage facilities gives you this opportunity and ensure you have enough space and good access to regularly practice without having to transport equipment around with you.

With our facilities being sound effective as well, you have complete privacy and security when creating any style of music. Whether you do this as a band or creating your own music on your own, self-storage offers the perfect space you need to do this with a cost-effective solution.

Games Room

No matter what age you are, having your own room for gaming is a dream for many. Whether you want retro and old school games in your storage facility or just your own space to enjoy more modern consoles, facilities are perfect for it all.

Finding a suitable place to create a games room in your own home can be difficult and outsourcing to self-storage could be the best option. Whether you decide to just have one console or fully renovate with many gaming systems, you have a great choice for any style of gaming room.

An Extra Wardrobe

Not everyone will need the extra space to fit all those clothes, but depending on your style and taste, an extra wardrobe could come in handy. If you are constantly changing your style and purchasing new clothing, having an extra wardrobe wouldn’t go amiss.

Depending on just how many clothes and accessories you purchase, setting up self-storage facilities as an extra wardrobe could give you much-needed space. Whether this is to clear out your current wardrobe and get rid of old clothes, or just spread all your outfits across two spaces, a wardrobe could make a big difference.

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With so many diverse uses of self-storage facilities, you can use it for anything you require. For more information regarding our self-storage facilities, contact Gilmorton Storage today. We are happy to answer any enquiries you have and discuss the storage space you require. Call us today on 01455 209 209 or 07815 013 883 or fill in our contact form today.