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4 Reasons To Use Self Storage Facilities

If you are running out of space at home or have nowhere to escape to when you want to relax, extra storage could be a great option. There are many choices for what you could use storage facilities for and here are just some of the ideas we have!

Gilmorton Storage have a range of storage facilities that can always meet our clients’ needs. We are always happy to provide advice and discuss requirements for the size of every storage unit you would like to hire.

Moving House

Moving house can be a big struggle for many people. Whether this is because you have a home in mind but you can’t sell your own or you have sold your own home and can’t purchase a new one yet – the whole process can be extremely stressful!

Either way, storage facilities can provide a suitable and cost-effective solution for this in-between period. Whilst you are waiting on your property to sell, keeping belongings in a storage facility close to your new home means you can quickly and easily transfer into your new home when it comes to purchase, allowing you to quickly settle in.

If you are still waiting to purchase your new home but have already sold your previous one, storage can temporarily keep your belongings safe whilst you wait for the go ahead of your future house. Again, belongings can then be easily taken into your home when you decide to purchase.

Your Personal Gym

Not everyone enjoys going to the gym in front of complete strangers and having a private gym for this appeals to a large amount of people. However, having enough space for all the professional gym equipment and your machinery is a common problem. Although you cannot fit a personal gym into your home, nearby storage facilities will allow you to choose a better option, where you can still get fit, in private.

With a range of sizes on self storage units, fitting your personal gym in has never been easier and allows you to work out when you want to exercise. Once cost of equipment has been paid, this could also be a cost-effective solution to going to an actual gym, as you can also use the facilities for other storage needs as the same time.


One of the biggest benefits and uses for self-storage facilities is the security it provides to your belongings. All our storage facilities are completely secure and will keep all possessions in the condition that you gave them to us in. With sizes of containers varying from 600 square feet to 2500, no matter what items you are sorting, we have a suitable storage option available.

With a 10-acre site, you have real peace of mind knowing all facilities are completely secure and your storage unit is only accessible to you. If you decide to store items that no longer fit in your home in a different location, storage units should always be the first option. Even if you have a vehicle, keeping it in storage will ensure there is no risk of damage and theft is very unlikely.

Only you will have this access, keeping your belongings safe at all times. We have CCTV, high level lighting and just one access point that is guarded, stopping any possible intrusion.

You also have access to your storage facilities between 7am-7pm Monday to Saturdays and 2pm-7pm on Sundays.


If you have aspirations to travel the world, funding it might be difficult, especially if you have a house or flat to pay for. By moving out of these properties and storing belongings in storage units instead, you can save a lot of money and allow yourself to travel, whether that is nationally or throughout the globe.

When or if you return home, your belongings will always be waiting for you, completely secured whilst you have been travelling. Choosing to store belongings in self storage for such a long period of time is often a much better cost than it would be to store elsewhere and means you get to keep many belongings you would have had to replace.

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Find out about the storage facilities we have and what units would be most suitable for you. We can always provide advice on what items can be used in each self-storage unit as well as providing a competitive price and availability of the unit for all customers. Contact Gilmorton Storage today on 01455 209 209 or 07815 013 883 for storage in Leicestershire.