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Using Self-Storage For Moving House

Moving homes is a stressful time for everyone involved and when delays occur, storing your belongings can become difficult. Finding a suitable storage option near you is hard, but self-storage facilities provide the best solution.

Gilmorton Storage have a range of storage facilities available and with flexible contracts, you can hire our units for as long as you need, making moving house easier.

Following Trends

Occupancy rates within self-storage units increased from 73.1% to 75.8% in 2016 as many seek space that can be used without much commitment. 21% of people using these units were in between properties, showing storage is a great solution when you decide to move house.

As self storage units can provide a temporary location close to both a new home or your old home, they are the perfect alternative. You don’t want to store items at a friend’s house or keep them with moving companies as there is no easy access to them. Moving them out of your house will allow you to clear your home before moving and provide a swift transition, making storage the obvious choice.

Temporary Accommodation

If you still need to sell your house but you have chosen a property to move to, making the sale quickly could be vital. Although it could be easier for you to keep belongings within the home, having temporary accommodation to move possessions could push the sale of your home.

Potential buyers may not always like the style of your furniture and other possessions and by having these out of the way, the property could become a lot more attractive. With secure self-storage facilities, items will always be safe from damage and give you easy access to move the items whenever you next require.

Lowers Costs

If you have just bought a new home, you won’t be looking to spend too much money and hiring storage units could actually minimise your costs. When selling your property, constantly keeping the home in good condition can become expensive and if it takes a long time to sell, this money can begin to feel wasted.

Instead, moving belongings out of your home early reduces the costs that would have been needed to make the property perfect. Possessions can stay in storage units in any condition you like, whilst you focus on selling a property that no longer requires as much maintenance. This allows you to hire storage units for a good price and could increase the chance of selling your home earlier.

Simple Transition

Moving from one property to another is a very long process for many people and if your possessions are still within your old home, moving everything in one day can be very stressful. Instead, having your possessions close by to your new property means you can move them within a few hours and setup your new home to perfection.

Once your property is purchased, the moving period can be shortened massively and makes waiting so long a lot easier. You don’t want to be waiting another week before you can move possessions into the new house. Using storage allows a simple transition and means you can easily move possessions into your new home immediately.

Self-storage facilities provide easy access at many times and with flexible contracts, you can move belongings whenever you require without having to pay more money for hiring the unit.

Contact Us

Self-storage facilities are the best option for anyone moving into a new home, no matter what locations you are moving to and from. Gilmorton storage can provide high quality and secure facilities throughout Leicester for competitive prices to any customer. Contact our team today to hire a unit and call us on 01455 209 209 or 07815 013 883 or make an enquiry through our contact form.

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