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Storing Your Presents At Christmas Time

Keeping Christmas presents a secret is always important around Christmas time for families and children. Whether you have loads of little presents or you are hiding huge presents, self storage is the perfect option.

Gilmorton Storage offer a range of self storage units on flexible contracts so you never have to hire for longer than necessary.

Secure Storage Space

A priority is always to make sure Christmas presents are safe and in good condition if you are not storing them in your home. With our storage facilities, this should never be a worry for our clients. We have several security features in place including:

  • 24-Hour CCTV Systems
  • Fully Fenced Perimeter
  • High-Level Lighting
  • Single Point of Access
  • Three Phase Electric
  • Warden & Guard Dog

With these security features in place, we can keep all items protected, as well as ensuring our containers and storage units are kept dry and tidy. This prevents any of your belongings being damaged and makes sure they retain the same condition no matter how long you choose to store them for.

Surprising Family

Whilst we understand having Christmas presents in storage may not always be ideal, it does add a fantastic element of surprise. This can be especially fun if you have kids, who will no doubt be snooping around your home to find what present you may have bought them.

As our storage units have a range of different sizes available, you can always hire large or small units to match your needs. Whether this means storing all your presents here or using our containers for a new car or something much larger, we can always meet your needs.

Store Any Items

Our storage containers range from 20 square ft to 40 square ft and with our storage units ranging from 600 square feet to 2,500 square feet, this gives you a huge amount of choice and the option to store any items you require in our storage facilities.

In our containers, we have previously stored many vehicles including vans, cars and small boats, giving you the chance to store any items you require.

Easy Access

Whilst we have a high level of security, whenever you are storing Christmas presents in our storage units, you will always have easy access to move items in and out whenever you require. Our opening times are between 7am – 7pm Monday to Saturday and 2pm – 7pm on Sundays.

This gives you the option to collect items whenever you require or place them in storage for as long as necessary. You always have the assurance that items can be accessed and moved during our opening times.

Transporting Items

If you have family located across the UK and want to visit them around Christmas time, it can be difficult to take all Christmas presents from your home to their home at the same time. By storing items in our storage facilities, this can make it easy to transport Christmas presents to family and friends who are located nearby.

You can easily place items in storage as soon as you purchase them, saving them for a later date to take them out and give to friends and family. This will make this process much easier and ensures you don’t waste too much space around your own home keeping everyone’s Christmas presents around.

Contact Us

There is no limit on what can be stored in our storage units. Whether you would like to use it for Christmas presents or more conventional uses, our team can always meet your needs. Contact Gilmorton Storage for more information on our storage facilities and to begin hiring today. Call now on 01455 209 209 or 07815 013 883 or fill in our contact form to make an enquiry.