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Why Use Self-Storage During Home Renovation?

Self-storage is great for many different purposes and if you are looking to renovate your home, it could be the perfect option. Not only can you cut down on costs, but redecorating your home is made a lot easier!

Gilmorton Storage have a range of storage units available in Leicestershire and can always find storage units with sizes suitable for your needs.

Prevent Property Damage

The cost of renovating your home can be very expensive and if you were to damage any of your existing interior, your costs will only increase. No matter what parts of your home you are renovating, valuable items such as furniture or televisions could always be at risk of being damaged.

If there is not enough room in your own home, using self-storage will prevent any damage being done to your belongings. Even if your renovation is only little, you do not want expensive furniture and items being damaged or ruined due to your home renovations. Self-storage will ensure all items remain in great condition and an always be moved back to your home once the renovation is complete.


If you are having a renovation of your entire home interior, self-storage could be much more convenient than any other options and also means you can access belongings whenever you require them. Our storage facilities are always accessible for clients, ensuring even when items are safely stored away, you can get the belongings you need.

Having storage facilities located close to your home will make transporting items an easy process. When renovation begins, you do not want to constantly shift different items across your home during this time. Moving all items completely out of the way ensures renovation can be completed quickly and items are easily accessible to be moved back into your home when necessary.

Flexibility & Reduced Costs

We have flexible contracts with all our clients, ensuring storage space does not have to be hired any longer than you require. Located in Leicestershire, we have storage available throughout the county, ensuring we can provide for all clients when you require extra space. As storage can be used whenever you require it and with easy access available at suitable times, storage is always a fantastic option.

In addition to this, self-storage can also help you reduce costs. Using storage is much less expensive than having to replace damaged items. Self-storage will help you reduce costs by keeping all items safe.

Renovation Preparation

Both before and after renovation, you may require storage to place items that will be used for redecorating. Even if your renovation is being completed by a different company, self-storage can be used to hold all the decorations and new interior items that will be used once the renovation is complete.

Regardless of when you choose to purchase new interior items, they can always be held within self-storage units. If you are renovating your property, having a redecoration of different interior items is a great way to transform your home and completely restyle. Before renovation is started, self-storage can be used to keep all these items safe and ensure they are ready for use as soon as renovation is completed.

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If your home is being renovated, self-storage facilities are a fantastic option, no matter what items you choose to store. With a wide range of storage units available in Leicestershire, Gilmorton Storage can always discuss your requirements and find suitable space for you to hire. Contact our team today for advice on 01455 209 209 or 07815 013 883 or fill in our contact form to make an enquiry.