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What Should Be Placed In Self Storage?

Although some items are easy to decide on, other belongings can be difficult to place. If you are unsure whether to place something in self storage or keep it with you, this guide should help you make the correct decision.

Gilmorton Storage can help both businesses and personal clients find the perfect storage unit for your needs. Our hire is available on flexible contracts and at competitive prices.

Animals & Humans

We think the chance of storing Humans is pretty slim, but for those of you who are more adventurous – don’t do it! The same goes for animals, whether they are dead or alive and no matter why you may require storage for them, our facilities should not be used for this.

We understand some animals who require little maintenance could be stored for a short period of time, however, this should not be done. Even with flexible visiting hours, no animals should ever be placed in self storage facilities.

Setting Up Shop

With offices and workshops available on our site for hire, your self storage units are not the ideal place to set up shop. We understand businesses may want to keep products and goods here, whether this is due to large stock or being a good area for distribution, however, this does not mean you can set up shops from our storage units.

With single point access, only you have access to your storage units for the highest level of security. This would make it difficult for your customers to come in and out of the storage facilities and therefore setting up shop here is possibly not the best option for business! Our workshops and office can be hired for fantastic prices and have a huge amount of space for any businesses to locate.

Hazardous Materials

In order to keep our storage units in the best condition, there are several hazardous materials that should be kept away when unattended. Whether they are flammable, radioactive, toxic or being used for your own personal experiments, keep the number of hazardous materials in your storage unit at a minimum.

Regardless of how often you choose to visit self storage units, it is important to keep all belongings and storage units in a safe and clean environment. This will always be achieved by keeping safe materials in storage.

Furniture, Equipment & Vehicles

With a huge range of storage units and container sizes available, any number of furniture, equipment and vehicles can easily be stored within our self storage units. If you are moving property or have items that are too large to fit in and around your property, using self storage is the ideal solution to keep items in good condition, whilst having access whenever necessary.

Our team will always find the ideal storage unit for your needs, based on how many items you require storage for and your budget. With easily accessible storage units, you can take equipment, furniture and vehicles out of storage at any time or store more items whenever you want.

Personal Belongings

Self storage offers the perfect solution for your personal belongings, especially if you are running out of space in your current property. Self storage units can always be organised in your own way and if this is to store your personal belongings in an individual way, our storage units are ideal.

Photographs, jewellery and antiques are just some of the personal items that can be easily stored in our units. With all items being kept in great condition and only you having access to the items, you will always have peace of mind that no damage or risks will occur.

Contact Us

If you would like to hire self storage units in the Leicestershire area, contact Gilmorton Storage today. Our team will always give you a quick response and advise you on the best storage options for your requirements, giving you an easy solution. Call us today on 01455 209 209 or 07815 013 883 or fill in our contact form to make an enquiry.