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What Makes Steel Containers An Ideal Storage Solution?

Steel containers may not seem like the ideal solution to your storage issues, however, if you do not need to stay within the container for too long, it could be the perfect option. We look at why you should be using containerised storage for many purposes.

Gilmorton Storage have a wide range of containerised storage, self-storage and workshop space available for use throughout Leicester. We can help every customer find the ideal storage facility for personal and business use.

First Choice Storage

Containerised storage may not always be the best option for every individual. However, if you do not visit your storage unit often or don’t spend much time within the storage unit, containerised storage should always be your first choice.

It may not provide the comfort of other self-storage units or workshop space that is available, but if you do not require this space, it is certainly the best option. With several different sized containers, there is always a unit specifically for your needs, ensuring all items can be packed and stored in the container.

Complete Security

No matter where your storage container is located, the container itself will almost guarantee security. Along with strong padlocks, a steel container is extremely difficult to break into or be penetrated by anything. This means all items will be kept dry and remain in the exact condition they were delivered in.

Additionally, on our storage site, only you will have access to your container with just one access point and CCTV overlooking our entire site. Although the container should stay strong in all situations, this added extra security will put your mind at ease over any problems that could occur.

Clean & Tidy

As I previously mentioned, steel containers are very difficult to get into, so keeping the container clean and tidy shouldn’t be too much hassle for you. With flexible contracts, you may not keep your items in the container for too long, but you will always be assured of a clean and tidy container, with only you having access to that unit.

Keeping the container clean will also ensure you can move your items out of the container at ease, without having to thoroughly clean them once they are moved. All items will remain in great condition throughout its use.

Protecting Your Goods

Whether you use containerised storage for business or personal use, storage containers will do an exceptional job of protecting your goods. These storage containers can be used for a wide range of purposes and to store many items which could include chemicals or personal items. Containerised storage is a great option for chemicals as there is no risk of items harming the environment.

Our containers have a variety of sizes available and are easily unpacked, with sides of the containers opening for you to remove and place items. You should always be looking to protect your items and if you have valuable belongings that do not fit into your home or they are needed to be transported for business, containerised storage provides the perfect solution.

Business Distribution

Every business needs somewhere to store products before they are distributed either around the world on throughout the country. Paying for warehouses can often go over your budget, however, hiring containerised storage across several locations will allow you to distribute products quicker than ever.

Being able to hire several storage units, you can store as many products as you like and continue to expand, whilst always having easy access to those items. These items can then be delivered to customers quickly and in good condition due to the security and easy access to containerised storage.

Contact Us

Containerised storage could be the perfect option for you or your business. If you would like more information regarding the storage units we have available in Leicestershire, do not hesitate to contact our team. Call Gilmorton Storage today on 01455 209 209 or 07815 013 883 or fill in our contact form to make an enquiry.