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Using Self-Storage For Wedding Preparation

By 3rd April 2019September 28th, 2022No Comments

Preparing for your big day is a stressful process and no matter where your wedding is located, transporting and storing your wedding features must be done. Using self-storage to keep your decorations easily accessible is a great option and allows simple organisation on your big day.

Gilmorton Storage have a selection of storage units available and suitable for any number of items across our facilities. We can always discuss your requirements for the container size and space you require.

Wedding Surprises

In the build-up to your wedding, you will always spend a lot of time with your fiancé and keeping some features a secret could become more and more difficult as you approach your wedding day. Storing items in a self-storage facility can put your mind at ease knowing this item will be completely safe before the wedding and complete out of site.

Once stored away, the condition of this item, whether it is a vehicle, a box of memories or any other type of gift, will always remain the same and be easily accessible when you require it. With complete security, the best place to store your items could often be in storage facilities where there is no risk of theft or damage.

Travelling To Your Venue

If you decide to have your wedding at a venue hundreds of miles away, having decorations and special features moved from your area down to the venue could take a long time. All decorations will have to be moved before the big day and using storage to keep these safe and accessible for setup is your best option.

If you want the venue decorated and tailored completely to you, preparing the majority of your decorations beforehand will make setup easier. By planning every detail of your wedding well in advance, your organisers can create the exact decorations you desire within the venue on your wedding day. There will not always be space in the venue to store all decorations beforehand and self-storage allows every item to be included.

Home Weddings

Self-storage could also be ideal for any weddings you have in your property. If you have a spacious home, it could be the ideal venue for your wedding, but ensuring it is fully prepared is no easy task. Not only will you have to move new decorations into the property, but your current home furniture and decorations may have to be stored away in preparation for this.

If you have your heart set on a home wedding, moving your current items out should be done well in advance. With flexible contracts on all our storage units, your items do not have to be stored away for long before moving back into your home. However, after a day which can be very stressful planning, organising your home early could benefit you and give you the opportunity to relax after your big day.

Storage will ensure your items are safe and easily accessible whenever you decide to move them back into your home. Whether you would like to store them for a longer period of time or just briefly, Gilmorton Storage can always help.

Relaxing Honeymoons

The build-up to any wedding can be hectic and you must allow yourself to relax afterward. After your wedding, there will often be many items and possibly many presents that need to be attended to. These cannot all be quickly transported to your home, especially if your venue is in a different area.

Self-storage offers the perfect solution and allows you to find a quick solution to store any items that will need to be returned after your break. Although this is something to do when you get back, it allows you to relax in between and gives you plenty of time before moving items back into your home after the wedding.

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Valentine’s Day has just passed and many of you could be preparing for your wedding. Self-storage has a wide range of benefits for any situation and offers an ideal location to easily access any items you require near your venue.

If you would like more information regarding our storage facilities in Leicester or would like to discuss the units we have available, contact Gilmorton Storage. Call us on 01455 209 209 or 07815 013 883 or fill in our contact form to make an enquiry.

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