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Should Your Business Consider Renting Workshop Space?

Businesses seem to be constantly expanding and this means you need more space for staff to work and for your business to continue growth effectively. Workshop space can be the best option if you are looking to expand but also want to save money on the costs of more offices and we can always find you the right solution.

Gilmorton Storage have over 10 acres of office space available for rent and will always work with clients to find the right space for you.

Minimising Your Costs

As a business, you should always be looking to reduce your costs, whether this is a one-off payment or fixed monthlies. If you were to move into bigger offices or hire a new office in addition to your own, this will often be very costly and could stunt your growth due to higher expenses. Another option for you could be to purchase a new property, however office space is a much more cost-effective choice and allows you the flexibility of change at any time with small costs to rent.

The office space that we can provide comes at a great price and allows you to choose as much space as you need for your business. No matter how much you are growing, we have enough office space for you to keep your company together whilst not having to splash out on a larger office or property.

Gilmorton Storage will always offer advice on our workshop spaces so that you find the best office for your needs at the best possible prices.

Ideal Location

Gilmorton Storage is located just 10 minutes away from the A5 and Manga park. If you are looking to expand, you want a workplace that is easily accessible for all staff members, no matter where they are travelling from.

Although you will often choose a location for offices close to your current workplace, having workshop space can allow more colleagues with different skillsets to travel from many locations. This can massively benefit your business as your current office could be out of reach for some of your employees.

Wherever you are currently located, our storage and workshop facilities in Lutterworth are a perfect option for you to keep business nearby. This also allows you to reach out to possible new customers and potential employees by having your business in several locations.

Meeting Rooms

Having your own office is fantastic, but if there is no room for private meetings, it can be difficult to discuss real problems or positives in your business that need to be addressed. With your own workshop and office space, this would never be a problem and would allow certain staff members to easily travel to the workshop, whilst you have a room tailored specifically for this need.

It also means you don’t need to renovate your current office or move offices just to create the meeting room. Having an off-site office where you can go for these situations allows you to setup meetings the way you want them and only use the office for these situations.

High Security

Security is a concern for every business, especially if you keep important or legal documents on paper in your office. Although your current office should be secure, it may not have quality and modern security 24 hours a day.

Having any of our workshop spaces allows you to store private information, knowing it is safe and will not be lost or stolen. Whether you want to use workshop space to move employees there or just have regular access to this information, security will always be guaranteed.

We will provide workshop space for both short and long-term rents and with CCTV, wardens and guard dogs, our facilities are always safe for your business.

Contact Us

We will always work with our clients to discuss requirements and provide you with the suitable workshop space you need. With security all year around, you never have to worry about business information being lost and you have many options when using our facilities. Contact Gilmorton Storage today on 01455 209 209 or 07815 013 883 for storage in Leicestershire and Lutterworth.

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