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Minimise Costs by Using Self Storage Units

Finding ways to minimise your costs in day to day life can be difficult. However, self-storage could offer several benefits and could be the perfect solution to helping you reduce your costs. 

At Gilmorton Storage we have a wide range of self-storage units available. We can always find a unit that is within your price range, offering quality and the space you need for your belongings. For more information, call us in Leicester on 01455 209 209.

Business Rates

If you decide to use self-storage for your business, one major advantage is that there are no business rates. This means that price increases are less, and you won’t need to pay tax on the storage unit. Instead, the storage facilities pay their own tax on the space.

This is a huge advantage over starting your business in an office.  Although an office looks more professional, self-storage is a great portion if customers rarely visit your premises. This both reduces costs and provides you with the space you need to run your business effectively.

Rent Correct Sizes

The prices on self-storage units vary depending on the size. Finding the right size for your requirements are essential. Many people will purchase more size than they actually need, which wastes money. Therefore, it is important to think about the actual space you require.

If you do need to expand in the future, you can easily rent more space. To minimise costs, start with the smallest facilities first.

An Alternative to Warehouses

Some businesses may decide to work entirely from self-storage facilities, whereas others work in offices or from warehouses. However, self-storage offers a far better option to every business. At Gilmorton Storage, we offer flexible contracts, so you have complete control over when you use storage units.

Although hiring a warehouse will give you plenty of space to use, much of it will be wasted. Therefore, you will be overpaying for every inch you hire. With self-storage, you can easily store all your items in one accessible unit.

Additionally, you can move to a bigger unit within the same facilities whenever you need, without hassle. Storage units also offer high-quality security with complete CCTV. This ensures your valuables are completely safe.

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